The Complete 2021 Coach’s Playlist
Written by Matt Kelly.
September 9, 2021


The Coach’s Playlist is a two-minute read packed with information based on an essential part of coaching.

As we find ourselves settling into the new school year, it seems like the perfect time to share a ton of practical and easily digestible resources. Each topic listed below links to the corresponding Coach’s Playlist from the past year. Every playlist lists the following pertaining to the topic:

  • an idea
  • a question
  • a quotation
  • a book
  • downloadable resources
  • professional development opportunities


A Complete List of the 2021 Coach’s Playlists




Moralistic Judgment

Learning Maps


Finding Common Ground

How to Say No


An Instructional Playbook

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  1. Donna Jetton

    What an awesome opportunity!
    Thank you for sharing your experience with others in this profession.


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