Professional Development for Coaches and Leaders

So students experience better learning, better lives.

We help coaches improve children’s lives.

here’s how ICG can help

  • 5-Day Intensive Institutes in Kansas and at different locations in the United States
  • The Teaching, Learning, Coaching Conference (the world’s largest instructional coaching conference)
  • Onsite Workshops providing Professional Development for Coaches and Administrators on topics such as What Coaches Do, High-Impact Teaching Strategies, Communication and Leadership Skills, The Use of Video, Gathering Data, and What Principals Need to Know About Coaching
  • Consulting to Help Leaders Design Outstanding Coaching Programs
  • Coaching to Support Leaders and Instructional Coaches
  • Certification of Instructional Coaches


Instructional Coaching Intensive Institutes 2019


TLC 2019

Teaching Learning Conference 2019 registration is now open.



Certification registration is now open!


I thought I knew

“I thought I knew how to have a conversation; I’ve had millions of them. Some were good, others not so much so. But I want to have GREAT conversations, and Jim Knight has taught me how. The proof is in: better conversations are possible and the results are worth the investment.”

Doug Fisher

Learning can be infectious

“Jim Knight helps us to understand how learning can be infectious, energizing, and humanizing as he eloquently delineates the steps involved in creating an impact school. I suggest buying this book for all principals who want to strengthen their schools. I believe that Unmistakable Impact will be a resource they return to time and again.”

Stephanie Hirsh Executive Director, Learning Forward

High Impact Instruction

“This book absolutely delivers on the promise of its subtitle, ‘A Framework for Great Teaching.’ It is breathtaking in its comprehensiveness and heartening in its practicality and detail.”

Robert J. Marzano CEO Marzano Research Laboratory

Unmistakeable Impact

“This book exemplifies everything Jim Knight advocates: a clear focus, respect for educators’ significant contributions, and the value of well-designed professional learning.”

Dennis Sparks Former Executive Director Learning Forward

Focus on Teaching

“Not only is Jim Knight the reigning expert in coaching, but he keeps on innovating. Focus on Teaching extends and deepens how coaching can have a powerful impact at low cost through the purposeful use of video.”

Michael Fullan Professor Emeritus OISE/University of Toronto