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This week’s topic: PEERS Goals

The Idea: The most effective goals are PEERS goals:

  • Powerful – they will have a socially significant impact on students
  • Emotionally Compelling – they matter deeply to teachers and students
  • Easy – they involve as few roadblocks as possible
  • Reachable – a strategy and a measurable outcome have been identified
  • Student-focused – they have an impact on student engagement or achievement, or both

Quotation: “If there’s no goal, it’s just a nice conversation.” – John Campbell, Growth Coaching International

Book: Jim Knight, The Impact Cycle

Resource 1: A PEERS goal checklist

Resource 2: A short column on how to set goals

Resource 3: A column on habits, goals, learning, and beliefs

Question: Are your coaching interactions guided by PEERS goals?

Professional Development: The Instructional Coaching Institute