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This week’s topic: Learning Maps

The Idea: Learning maps are graphic organizers (similar to concept diagrams) that deepen teacher clarity and help students stay organized see the connections between the ideas and concepts they’re learning.

Quotation: “We shouldn’t abbreviate the truth but rather get a new method of presentation.” – Edward Tufte


Book: Jim Knight, High-Impact Instruction

Resource 1: Article by Matt Bertke and Sharon Sheehan, “Coaching Learning Maps” (including sample learning maps)

Resource 2: Checklist for a Quality Learning Map

Resource 3: Checklist for Introducing a Learning Map

Resource 4: Checklist for Daily Use of a Learning Map

Video: Jim Knight explains learning maps to Algebra teacher Carrie Hochgrebe   

Question: Would learning maps help your students learn more? If so, what might you do to make learning maps a bigger part of your coaching?

Professional Development: The Instructional Coaching Institute