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Similar to the National Board Certification process for teachers, ICG offers a rigorous certification process created specifically for instructional coaches. Our certification process clearly describes what excellent coaching is and provides a target for any instructional coach interested in engaging in great coaching. It also helps schools and districts better understand what effective coaching is and how to implement it.


Goals of ICG Certification include:

  • Communicating the research about what works in instructional coaching
  • Providing coaches with a way to demonstrate their accomplished coaching practice
  • Ensuring that coaching has the best possible influence on student learning


To register, candidates must:

  • be employed as a full-time instructional coach for at least two full school years before registering as a candidate,
  • spend 60-70% of their work time on coaching (versus administrative tasks, testing, intervention, or other non-coaching tasks), and
  • submit registration and portfolio requirements by the specified deadlines.


Learn more on the ICG Certification webpage and the following blog series by ICG Senior Consultant, Sharon Thomas:

ICG Coaching Certification: New, Improved, and 10 FAQs

An FAQ-style overview of the new process and our key findings from the pilot cohorts.

ICG Coaching Certification: Entry 1: The Impact Cycle

A description of the evidence that shows that the coach is using the process, the data, the partnership interactions, and the reflection that make instructional coaching work for students.

ICG Coaching Certification: Entry 2: Fostering a Collaborative School Culture

An exploration of the issues of partnership communication and approach both in Impact Cycles and throughout the school.


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