Sometimes, it can feel like there is information everywhere, yet somehow it’s difficult to find the one tool, resource, or reference we need to address the coaching situation right in front of us. In these cases, it can make all the difference to have quick access to a variety of resources that can be used right away instead of searching the vast corridors of the internet (or our desktops). With that in mind, we recently shared a complete compilation of every ICG blog post featuring The Coach’s Playlist curated by Jim Knight, bringing together periodic posts into one easy reference.

Similarly inspired, today’s post features a compilation of the most recent and popular free resource posts we’ve shared on the ICG blog. The list below contains links to ICG blog posts containing at least one (and in some cases multiple) FREE & instantly usable downloadable resources, such as:

  • Designed graphics
  • Checklists
  • Reference materials for coaches
  • Coaching aand reflection questions
  • PDFs
  • Webinars
  • Videos
  • Etc.


2022 ICG Blog Posts with FREE Resources

[Free Resource] Listening – Video

[Free Resource] Reflection – Video

[Free Resource] Better Conversations Beliefs: Alignment Scales & Reflection Questions

Seven Factors for Success

[Free Resource] The One Thing Coaches Should Do to Improve – Video

[Free Resource] Communication Profile PDFs

A Compilation of Coaching Research Studies

[Free Resource] Judgment & Gossip Are Learning Killers – Video

[Free Resource] Being a Witness to the Good – Video

The Complete Impact Cycle in Action on the ERRR Podcast

Create Good Habits

Mantras: Guide Your Decision-Making

Data Rules

Discussing Cultural Literacy Terms with Rowena Shurn

Three Approaches to Coaching


Find more FREE resources for instructional coaches in ICG’s Resource Library.