Presentations that Make an Impact

Have you ever wondered why some presentations are engaging and interactive, while others have you watching the clock?

This course is a dynamic way for you to create more impact with your next presentation. Join Jim Knight in this powerful and engaging course for designing and delivering presentations that make an impact.


Designing and Delivering Powerful Presentations

Presentations create awareness, create common knowledge across the system, build excitement, build community, and are an integral part of professional development. We know that the beliefs that guide the presenter and the way the presenter delivers and organizes the presentation makes a big difference.

Designing and deliverying presentations are not skills reserved for only a select few. You, too, can become a skillful presenter.

In this asynchronous course, Jim shares easy and powerful strategies you can use when delivering workshops and presentations.

Learn how to balance the inherent challenge of being in a position of power, the presenter, and working as a partner with the people in the audience to make your presentations more accessible, more engaging, and lead to more learning.

Partnership Learning: Presentations that Make an Impact

Jim has designed this asynchronous course with the intention of helping you find more joy and engagement in the creation and delivery of your presentations by keeping the partnership appraoch to learning at the center of everything we do to engage our colleagues in bringing excellent instruction into our classrooms.

Who is it for?

Instructional coaches, teachers, adjuncts, and administrators – If you’re looking to delivery high-quality presentations and workshops in schools with a greater impact on partnership learning and engagement, this course is for you.

What to Expect

This course is broken down into three major sections and designed to give you time to think critically about your work and learn more about these easy and powerful concepts for learning.

1. Partnership Learning: the beliefs that guide our actions and how they play out in worskhops and large-group presentations. The parnterhip principles act as a guide to cultivating more meaningfu learning experiences.

2. Learning Structures: the learning structures that honor the professionals in the room – structures that provide opportunities for our colleagues to think for themselves, practice in safe and respectfulways, and structures that balance advocacywith inquiry.

3. Design and Delivery: the design and delivery of our content is intended to spark interest, raise awareness, and create a shared understanding across our schools. When we design and deliver our workshop, there are some important elements to consider to do just that.

What is the committment?

This asynchronous offering comes in right around 2.5 hours of content and comes complete with a downloadable workbook to capture your reflection and gather your insights.