We’re fairly certain you’ve all been feeling a bit of anxiety as all of us adjust to the new normal, and we wanted to take a moment to tell you you’re doing a great job. Try to give yourself grace. Remember that a lot of us are teaching in new environments, using new tools, and as with any new situation, there’s a learning curve.


With the timeline around schools reopening being uncertain, it’s very important that we all practice self-care. Consider taking a few minutes each day to clear away the stresses with meditation: Headspace is free for educators in the US, UK, Australia, and Canada.


If you find yourself needing extra resources, take a look through our Resources for Instructional Coaching webpage—we’ll be adding more external resources as we come across them. We’ve also been trying to share valuable resources we’re finding on Twitter, via our new handle @CoachingPD. Additionally, please take advantage of our Complimentary Coaching Session form to see how we can help your school or district manage these changes to virtual teaching and learning.


If you have questions about virtual coaching, distance learning, or other education topics prompted by these unsettling times, I’ll be hosting a live Q&A on ICG’s Facebook page this Thursday, March 26 and 2pm Pacific / 5pm Eastern. Please share with your colleagues and I hope to see you there.


Remember we’re all in this together. If there’s something you think we can provide during this time, please let us know by emailing your suggestions to [email protected].


Take care of yourself and your families,

All of us at the Instructional Coaching Group