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Leader as Coach

January 24-25, 2019

For more than two decades, Growth Coaching International has been the leading provider of coaching professional development in Australia and New Zealand. Now the Instructional Coaching Group is excited to partner with GCI to start offering their workshops in United States and Canada. For our first workshop, we’re partnering with GCI to offer The Leader as Coach, which provides Administrators, Principals, Department Chairs, Coaches, Team Leaders, and Teachers with the tools they need to take a coaching approach to conversations. Presenter for the two days with John Campbell, from Sydney, Australia, President of Growth Coaching International.

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Leadership Coaching Institute

April 3-5, 2019

The Leadership Coaching Institute is a unique opportunity to work with some of the leading thinkers in the field of coaching in education. For the first time, coaching experts Jim Knight of the Instructional Coaching Group, Christian van Nieuwerburgh of Growth Coaching International in the UK  and John Campbell from Growth Coaching International in Australia, are coming together to deliver an interactive learning experience about coaching for educational leaders. In total, the three speakers have studied coaching in education for more than 50 years, and written more than a dozen books on the topic. In this “world-first” event, the three authors will share information on how leaders such as principals and central office staff can use aspects of a coaching within their approach to leadership.  Specifically, participants will learn (a) how to foster learning relationships through the use of better conversations communication beliefs and habits, (b) the coaching skills that can be used to promote coaching conversations, and the GROWTH coaching model that leaders can apply to efficiently guide others through coaching conversations, and (c) how to create the best possible environment for coaching to flourish in their contexts.
Participants of the Leadership Coaching Institute will receive Jim’s Better Conversations, John and Christian’s Leader’s Guide to Coaching in Schools, and Christian’s Introduction to Coaching Skills.

Teaching Learning Coaching Conference 2019

October 6-8, 2019

Come join us at the world’s leading conference for instructional coaching and instructional practice, where more than 50 education experts and practitioners will lead keynote presentations and learning sessions focused on high-impact teaching strategies, proven instructional coaching practices, and system change strategies designed to lead to high performance schools.

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