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Seven Factors Every Instructional Coaching Program Needs to Be Successful

We’ll help you provide your coaches with the most comprehensive tools for success.

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You’re here because you want a successful coaching program.

…A coaching program that your instructional coaches understand, that is evidence-based, and that provides a clear process with lots of helpful resources.

Two male instructional coaches sit across from each other at an ICG workshop, discussing ideas about improving their coaching programs.
One instructional coach and an Administrator sit across from each other at the Instructional Coaching Institute, sharing what they're going to implement in their own coaching program.

…More important, a coaching program that fosters positive learning experiences for your students.

…Maybe you don’t know where to begin. Or maybe you’ve already created a coaching program, but aren’t seeing the improvements you were aiming for.

Four instructional coaches sit across from each other at an ICG workshop, discussing ideas about implementing what they're learning in their own coaching programs.
We help schools/districts learn and implement The Seven Factors for Success to sustain a beneficial coaching program.

What are the Seven Factors for Success?

Seven areas that must be engaged to ensure a successful coaching program. Without purposeful development and support in all seven areas, your coaching program will not meet its maximum potential, educators will become discouraged, and those who are the most vulnerable—your students— will suffer the most loss.

Your school/district staff will gain fundamental knowledge and resources in the following areas:

The Overview of the 7 Success Factors

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Jim Knight’s newest book, The Definitive Guide to Instructional Coaching summarizes seven factors that have been identified over the past 20 years that must be in place for any coach to flourish.

The Definitive Guide to Instructional Coaching

1. The Partnership Principles

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2. Communication Skills

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3. Coaches as Leaders

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4. The Impact Cycle

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5. Data

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6. Teaching Strategies

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7. System Support

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Embedded Coaching

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Bring The Seven Factors for Success to my school/district
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Next Steps

If you would like to partner with an ICG consultant to work privately with your school or district, either on-site or virtually, we can tailor a schedule that best fits your needs.

Dive in with a 5-day or 16-week Instructional Coaching Institute

With content designed for instructional coaches and administrators, our instructional coaching institutes provide the tools & resources to build and maintain a successful instructional coaching program. Led by Jim Knight, this unique learning opportunity helps coaches and administrators not only establish a proven foundation for success, but also develop a deeper and complete understanding of the coaching process and practices, cultivate the necessary communication skills for healthy conversations, deepen engagement in the classroom, and best utilize coaching tools and resources.

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An instructional coach holds her notebook up to share with the group at the Instructional Coaching Institute.