radical learners


This blog by Jim Knight explores the concept of radical learners who:

  • believe we are here on earth to learn
  • use technology to learn, teach, or lead (and because it’s cool)
  • know that to teach without hope is to damage, but to teach with hope can save the world
  • don’t blame others but accept personal responsibility for whatever task they take on
  • infect everybody with their love of learning; most important, the children they teach


An Interview With Lisa Lande

Lisa Lande is an advocate for teachers and students around the world. She’s the director of field services at the Quaglia Institute for School Voice and Aspirations. Along with Russ Quaglia, she is co-author of Teacher Voice: Amplifying Success and also a co-author of...

Partnership Principle 5: Reflection

Teachers make between 800 and 1,500 decisions a day. With the constant bombardment of students’ personal and learning needs (plus unexpected early dismissals, server problems, and parent calls), teachers often feel as though they live continually in the moment,...

Partnership Principle 1 Equality: The Struggle

The history of the past is but one long struggle upward to equality. --Elizabeth Cady Stanton Most people support the notion that everyone is created equal. Walking the talk of that belief, however, is challenging. School cultures and professional cultures reinforce...