A more direct and powerful pathway for coaches to access professional development (PD) has been in dire need – even before the pandemic forced a shift to a more virtual environment. Now, that pathway has finally arrived with the launch of Radical Learners.



What is Radical Learners?

Radical Learners is a library of expert-led resources that are a must-have for all educators. PD is too often obscured by a long process involving budget approvals, administrative hurdles, and countless other factors that keep access at a distance for educators seeking opportunities to grow and learn more. Radical Learners returns power to teachers and instructional coaches by offering classes instantly – and on an educator-friendly budget of $99 per course.


Instructional Coaching:
The First 90 Days

High-Impact Teaching Strategies

Better Conversations


Jim Knight introduces the foundational principles, skills, and framework necessary for the first 90 days of instructional coaching.

NOTE: Enroll during the month of August to receive the introductory price of $79.

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This course focuses on real, research-based strategies that have been proven to have an unmistakably positive impact in students’ learning and lives.


Communication is essential for all relationships – coaching or otherwise. This course focuses on the beliefs and habits that support healthy and meaningful communication.


The Courses

Beginning with the inaugural course led by Jim Knight, Instructional Coaching: The First 90 Days, each on-demand course consists of 20+ video lessons, each of which typically range from 5-7 minutes in length. These hyper-focused and bite-size videos allow viewers instant access to content that is applicable immediately.

We are thrilled to offer the first course NOW, and the coming months will see the development of many more courses led by other coaching and education experts.

Enroll now to start your own PD instantly, and stay tuned as we announce new courses and instructors coming soon.


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