This past year has been unlike any other in our lifetime. As a result of the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, schools have taken precautions to protect their teachers and students by instituting virtual, or distance learning. For many schools, this year was the first time their school offered online options for students. The shift was unexpected and created many obstacles for both educators and students.

One of the biggest challenges has seemingly been building relationships when interactions are so limited.

This novel instructional environment has led to many secondary consequences for teachers, coaches, and administrators. Teachers and coaches we have spoken with have expressed an overwhelming feeling of uncertainty in their role, in their working environment, and indeed in their own lives. As a result of this uncertainty, one of the biggest challenges has seemingly been building relationships when interactions are so limited.


A Workshop Focused on Effective, High-Impact Teaching Strategies to Be Used in Virtual Classrooms

Because of this and other challenges, the Instructional Coaching Group has added a workshop specifically to address the growing uncertainty that teachers are experiencing: High-Impact Remote Instruction Strategies (HIRIS). This workshop addresses these concerns and includes descriptive content around engagement, building community, as well as planning and assessing, and why these elements are so important during chaotic times. These strategies help teachers teach, and help coaches build a toolkit or playbook, and are based on the research behind Jim Knight’s bestselling book High-Impact Instruction. Participants will gain the opportunity to add strategies to their practice that will bring clarity to their role, and optimal instruction for their students.


Individuals will benefit from this workshop by attending on their own, but the most impact will be made when teams attend as a group. Teachers, coaches, and administrators will learn strategies specific to their respective roles.


High-Impact Remote Instruction Strategies begins January 14th. Register teams now >>