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Intensive institute, workshops, and personalized consulting at home

What is an instructional coach?

An instructional coach is a dedicated partner for teachers, providing evidence-based practices that improve teaching and learning, so students everywhere can be more successful.

Our #1 offering is now available virtually!

The 16-Week Institute

The Instructional Coaching Institute is a comprehensive foundational course that gives coaches and administrators, from start to finish, everything they need to know to become successful coaching partners. It is backed by more than 20 years of research conducted by Jim Knight and researchers at The Instructional Coaching Group.

The Instructional Coaching Institute is critical for any instructional coach who needs guidance with their role, responsibilities, or resources.

The Instructional Coaching Institute

led by Jim Knight and the ICG Senior Consultants

The content from our on-site Institute has been enhanced to include new content that is especially meaningful for today’s coaches and administrators. It includes all of the same learning materials, plus an expanded agenda, and additional professional development hours. Join Jim Knight for this 16-week course on Monday evenings at 2:30pm CST.

All sessions are recorded and available on-demand for 30 days.

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The 8-Week Workshop

The 8-week introductory workshop was built to help any new coach through the challenges, questions, and new relationships that come with taking on the exciting role of instructional coach. 

All registrants of our 8-week Introduction course, including past attendees, are encouraged to register for The Instructional Coaching Institute and apply your previously paid cost toward the Institute fee. To take advantage of this offer, both registrations must be for the same person. Registration is non-transferable. Learn more by visiting our Coaching Institute webpage.

Instructional Coaching: An Introduction

Led by Jim Knight and the ICG Senior Consultants

This course will be presented by Jim Knight, and will be supplemented by small group sessions led by senior consultants. The 8-week course is specifically designed for new instructional coaches and addresses: role clarity, using strategies and goals, how to enroll teachers in coaching, how to best work with principals and administration. It will also cover several content areas from the Better Conversations and The Impact Cycle workshops.

All sessions are recorded and available on-demand for 30 days.


    1- and 2-day workshops

    In order to meet the needs of those with busier schedules, we’re providing several virtual workshops as 1-and 2-day options.

    Each of the following courses is led by one of ICG’s senior consultants: Ann Hoffman, Michelle Harris, and Sharon Thomas. All sessions are recorded and available to view for 30 days.

    Interested in custom or private workshops for your school or district? Visit our Workshops page for our complete list of offerings.

    The Impact Cycle

    10-hour course, $595 per person

    Based on The Impact Cycle (2017) by Jim Knight, this workshop describes the coaching cycle process for instructional coaches. All teachers, schools, and classrooms face their own unique challenges. An established process for guiding the coaching experience ensures that instructional coaches have all of the tools they need to help teachers set and achieve their goals for students.

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    Better Conversations

    5-hour course, $395 per person

    Better Conversations is one of the most popular workshops we offer. Based on the book Better Conversations: Coaching Ourselves and Each Other To Be More Credible, Caring, and Connected, the workshop offers an intensive exploration of six Better Conversations Beliefs and ten Better Conversations Habits that can help anyone communicate more effectively at work or at home.

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    Evaluating Instructional Coaching

    5-hour course, $450 per person 

    The Evaluating Instructional Coaching workshop aims to address one of our most frequently asked questions: how to evaluate coaches as employees and how to evaluate coaching programs around best practices in both coaching and best practices in human resources. This workshop can be tailored to focus on particular elements of evaluation as well as practice for evaluators in using our tools and resources.

    Available as a virtual or on-site workshop.

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    Are you a Radical Learner?

    Check out these new bite-sized courses for educators who want to make a positive impact now.

    Available Courses:

    • Instructional Coaching: The First 90 Days
    • High-Impact Teaching Strategies
    • Better Conversations (Coming Soon)

    Learn more about these asynchronous courses designed to fit an educator’s budget

    Partnership Workshops

    The Instructional Coaching Group is committed to providing an instructional coaching foundation and fostering learning environments in which every teacher and EVERY STUDENT has the opportunity to succeed. Because of this, ICG partners with learning organizations across the globe to offer research-based professional development that is tailored to educators both inside and outside of North America. 

    See our upcoming partnership workshops below.

    10/28/21 – 2/4/22

    8:30am – 3:30pm CST


    In partnership with Northwestern School of Education and Social Policy

    Basic-Intermediate Training

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    11/18/21 – 2/24/22

    8:30am – 3:30pm CST


    In partnership with Northwestern School of Education and Social Policy

    Advanced Coaching and Leadership Practices

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    Plan a Partnership

    Workshop with ICG

    Virtual 1-on-1 or team consulting

    If you are interested in on-site consulting, please visit our Consulting page.

    Ideal for coaching champions, superintendents, central office staff, principals, and coaches, our virtual consulting consists of one ICG consultant partnering with a small number of key decisions makers. Sessions will be facilitated using Zoom or Google Hangouts.

    While centered around a custom-made agenda, sessions often address the following issues:

    • Establishing goals for the coaching program
    • Establishing measures of success for coaching programs
    • Planning professional development for coaches, administrators, and teachers
    • Determining how and how frequently coaches will meet in coaching professional development teams 
    • Determining what other supports need to be in place for coaches to work effectively
    • Determining the percentage of time coaches should focus their work on coaching
    • Identifying which coaching model works best for different professionals in the school or school district
    • Identifying the process for creating coaches’ instructional playbook
    • Establishing a coaching evaluation process

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