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This week’s topic: A Partnership Approach to Life

The Idea: If we apply the Partnership Principles to our everyday conversations and actions, we position ourselves to cultivate deeper connections, learn new things in every conversation, and have a positive impact in the lives of those we partner with. 

Quotation: “Partnership means to be connected to one another in a way that the power between us is roughly equal.” – Peter Block

Book: The Definitive Guide to Instructional Coaching: Seven Factors for Success by Jim Knight

Resource: Video playlist of Jim Knight discussing each Partnership Principle

The Partnership Principles:

  1. Equality: I don’t believe any person or group is more valuable than any other, and I recognize and honor the dignity of every individual.
  2. Choice: I communicate in a way that acknowledges the professional discretion of others by positioning them as decision makers.
  3. Voice: I want to hear what others have to say, and I communicate that clearly.
  4. Dialogue: I believe conversations should consist of a back-and-forth exchange, with all parties hearing and responding to one another’s opinions.
  5. Reflection: I engage in conversations that look back, look at, and look ahead.
  6. Praxis: I structure learning so that it is grounded in real life.
  7. Reciprocity: I enter each conversation open and expecting to learn.

The Partnership Questions:

  1. Equality: Do I interrupt or judge others?
  2. Choice: Can I let go of control?
  3. Voice: Do others know that their opinions matter?
  4. Dialogue: Do I see others’ strengths and want what’s best for them? Am I open to being shaped by their ideas?
  5. Reflection: Do I avoid the advice trap?
  6. Praxis: Does our coaching allow sufficient time for necessary adaptations?
  7. Reciprocity: Am I a learner or a judger?

Professional Development:

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