Over the next several months, from time to time, I will be sharing many of the research studies my colleagues and I have conducted over the past twenty years, mostly at the University of Kansas Center for Research on Learning.

With each post, I’ll explain the study and how the findings contributed to my colleagues and my developing understanding of what we came to describe as instructional coaching.

This week I’m sharing my dissertation research on the partnership approach. In this study, which I presented at the American Educational Research Association, I studied the impact of professional development that is grounded in seven principles that together represent a partnership approach to interaction.  The principles are a synthesis of theories proposed in educational theory, business, psychology, sociology, cultural anthropology, and philosophy of science (in particular, the works of Peter Block, David Bohm, Riane Eisler, Paulo Freire, and Peter Senge).

You can read more about the study and download the paper here

You can also view video descriptions of each of the principles here.

Finally, if you’re interested in a quick overview of all of the research we’ve conducted on instructional coaching, and summary of the big ideas we’ve learned, tune in to my webinar on March 11 at 3:30 ET 6:30 PT.