Your Instructional Coaching Resources for May 11, 2023

Written by
Brian Sepe and Melissa Terrano

Your Instructional Coaching Resources for May 11, 2023

Written by
Brian Sepe and Melissa Terrano

Welcome to our weekly newsletter! We are grateful to be able to share this space with you once again. Our team at ICG hopes you are doing well!

Thank you for the coaching stories you share with us on a weekly basis. It brings us joy to hear from you and the impact you are making each day in your schools. Most importantly, when you share with us, it is an opportunity for us to learn - so thank you!

Today's newsletter features our latest Coaching Conversations podcast episode with our guest, Rowena Shurn. The conversation delves into the use of deficit models in education and the importance of shifting towards more culturally responsive classrooms.

Communication is one of the Seven Success Factors of instructional coaching. There are two facets to communication: listening and questioning. This week we dive deeper into exploring real questions and deeper questions in our latest blog post.

In last week's newsletter, we wrote about the principle of equality and it's importance to school improvement. One way to foster equality in our conversations is by asking better questions. When we see others as equals, we usually give them at least equal time at the center of our conversation, and that requires asking questions that allow our conversation partners to say what they wish. In our free resources section, we provide you with a few tools that will help you ask better questions.

In our asynchronous learning section we include a video where Jim shares the importance of better conversations, not just in schools, but in all learning environments, as well as in personal relationships.

We hope you have a wonderful weekend and, to the moms that share this space with us, Happy Mother's Day!

Take care!

Coaching Conversations Podcast

Blog Post

Communication Skills: Questioning

A large part of coaching involves thinking along with teachers and sometimes asking questions that let them think more deeply about a topic. A powerful question invites others to think deeper and notice important new insights.

In today's blog post, we share an excerpt from The Definitive Guide to Instructional Coaching and a bank of questions that will promote deeper thinking, higher engagement, and meaningful dialogue in your next coaching conversation.

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Free Resource

Asking Better Questions

Better conversations are more about asking than telling, and the energy of human interaction is usually back and forth and not one-directional. We have learned that better conversations involve dialogue, and dialogue is made possible by good questions.

Good questions open up conversations, generate respect, accelerate learning, and build relationships. When we see others as equals, we usually give them at least equal time at the center of our conversation, and that requires asking questions that allow our conversation partners to say what they wish.

There are three strategies to help you ask better questions

  • be curious
  • ask open, opinion questions
  • be nonjudgmental

This week we share the Strategies to Ask Better Questions guide and a Looking Ahead: Ask Better Questions form. By learning to ask smarter, better questions, we learn far more about the other person, and the conversations we are able to have become better in nearly every way.

Strategies to Ask Better Questions guide »

Looking Ahead: Ask Better Questions form »

Asynchronous Learning

Better Conversations

In his newest book, The Definitive Guide to Instructional Coaching, Jim summarizes the research into seven success factors that need to be a part of any successful coaching program.

Success Factor #2 is Communication Skills. Since coaching is, above all, a series of conversations, coaches need to be effective communicators. They also need to employ effective coaching skills that reflect healthy beliefs about communication.

This week, we are sharing a resource from our asynchronous learning platform Radical Learners where Jim shares why it is critical to have better conversations, not just in schools, but in all professional learning environments, as well as in personal relationships.

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Watch "Why Do We Need Better Conversations" »

Partner Event

Learning Forward

The 2023 Learning Forward Texas Annual Conference is taking place June 19-21, 2023. This annual conference is an experience for professional learning leaders in Texas schools.

We are excited to announce that Jim Knight will be presenting at this year's Learning Forward Conference. Jim will be delivering a presentation on Life Giving Leadership.

For the past two decades, Jim and his colleagues have been identifying, testing, and validating the beliefs, communication skills, conversational frameworks, and strategic knowledge necessary for effective coaching. Much of this knowledge is also applied to any leader, including administrators, teachers, coaches, or other leadership roles.

Jim's pre-conference session at Learning Forward will summarize those findings and provide opportunities for leaders to reflect on how they can be truly life-giving leaders who increase the intelligence, efficacy, and impact of those around them.

If you and your team are going to be at Learning Forward we invite you to stop by our booth and say hello! We'd love to connect with you and hear your thoughts on Jim's session, answer any questions you might have, and hear about what's happening in your district.

Learn more about Learning Forward Texas Annual Conference »

Teaching Learning Coaching Conference

Keynote speakers

In case you missed it, we are thrilled to announce our keynote speaker lineup for #TLC2023 in Orlando, Florida! This exceptional group of experts spanning multiple fields will all be speaking live at this year’s conference. To learn more about our keynote speakers and how you can register to attend TLC 2023—either in person or virtually—click the link below.

October 17
Sarah Lewis
Michael Bungay Stanier
Jim Knight

October 18
Zaretta Hammond
Amanda Ripley
Christian van Nieuwerburgh

Learn more about TLC 2023 »

Partner with ICG

We know it is your mission to create a meaningful learning culture on your campus. When it comes to sustainable learning environments and thriving schools and districts, we have several opportunities for you and your team to partner with us to create the conditions for turning professional learning into professional practice.

So, as you begin to plan your next steps for professional learning, take a look at ICG's brochure of services and schedule a free call today. We look forward to hearing from you!

Upcoming Workshops

Register for any one of our workshops and enjoy receiving evidence-based and actionable advice from experts in education to create real change in the classroom. Leave every session equipped with the right tools for implementing effective practices to cultivate academic achievement and engagement for all students.

Interested in custom or private workshops for your school or district? Request a workshop here »

The quality of the conversations in an organization can critically influence the organization’s effectiveness. This session explores how a coaching orientation, together with a strong coaching process and key coaching skills, can make a significant and immediate difference in the conversations in which school leaders engage every day.

Introduction to Leadership Coaching

July 10, 2023

The impact coaches have is directly related to how effectively they are supported (or not supported) by their administrators. For that reason, it is crucial that administrators participate in professional development that clarifies what coaches do and how they can be supported. This workshop provides a deep understanding of how administrators and instructional coaches can collaborate to ensure that coaches have an unmistakably positive impact on teachers’ teaching and students’ learning.

What Administrators Need to Know About Coaching

July 13, 2023

Effective coaches, leaders, and educators communicate their message clearly, build healthy emotional connections with others, and maneuver through emotionally complex situations in ways that allow them to speak the truth so they will be heard. This workshop introduces 6 beliefs and 10 habits that promote healthy and productive relationships.

Better Conversations

July 18, 2023

The Instructional Coaching Institute is a comprehensive foundational course that gives coaches and administrators, from start to finish, everything they need to know to become successful coaching partners. It is backed by more than 20 years of research conducted by Jim Knight and researchers at The Instructional Coaching Group.

The Virtual Instructional Coaching Institute

August 21, 2023

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