Your Instructional Coaching Resources for March 16, 2023

Written by
Brian Sepe

Your Instructional Coaching Resources for March 16, 2023

Written by
Brian Sepe


In this week's newsletter, we wanted to highlight one aspect of professional learning that can significantly impact everyone on your campus, Better Conversations.

Be sure to also take a close look at our upcoming workshops and asynchronous Radical Learners offerings for Better Conversations as well as a Better Leaders Workshop for every change agent in your organization.

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Featured Workshop

Asynchronous Learning

Better Conversations

Effective communication strategies are essential for professional success. Our Radical Learners asynchronous course for Better Conversations is yours to keep, forever! This offering is a great way to extend your learning and follow up to our virtual workshop. Radical Learners is perfect for busy coaches, leaders, and educators who make an impact in their communities and should be in every district's PD resource library.

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Workshop for Leaders

Better Leaders

Are you ready to become a change leader? Join Jim Knight for the Better Leaders workshop and discover how you can lead through change by confronting reality, leading with hope, and creating conditions for trust. Hosted by Region 13 in Austin, TX, this workshop is offered virtually and in-person on April 4th.

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Share Your Thoughts

Teacher Retention

Recently, Jim shared this inquiry on Twitter, "What are you doing to keep teachers in your school?" If you'd like to share your thoughts, just use one of the links below to share what you've been doing to keep teachers in your school. You can submit a comment via text field, share a quick audio message, or reply via Twitter. Whichever way you chose, we would be grateful to hear from you.

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Teaching Learning Coaching Conference

Keynote speakers

In case you missed it, we are thrilled to announce our keynote speaker lineup for #TLC2023 in Orlando, Florida! This exceptional group of experts spanning multiple fields will all be speaking live at this year’s conference. To learn more about our keynote speakers and how you can register to attend TLC 2023—either in person or virtually—click the link below.

October 17
Sarah Lewis
Michael Bungay Stanier
Jim Knight

October 18
Zaretta Hammond
Amanda Ripley
Christian van Nieuwerburgh

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Partner with ICG

We know it is your mission to create a meaningful learning culture on your campus. When it comes to sustainable learning environments and thriving schools and districts, we have several opportunities for you and your team to partner with us to create the conditions for turning professional learning into professional practice.

So, as you begin to plan your next steps for professional learning, take a look at ICG's brochure of services and schedule a free call today. We look forward to hearing from you!

Upcoming Workshops

Register for any one of our workshops and enjoy receiving evidence-based and actionable advice from experts in education to create real change in the classroom. Leave every session equipped with the right tools for implementing effective practices to cultivate academic achievement and engagement for all students.

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Participate in professional development that clarifies what coaches do and how they can be supported. This workshop provides a deep understanding of how administrators and instructional coaches can collaborate to ensure that coaches have an unmistakably positive impact on teachers’ teaching and students’ learning.

System Support: What Administrators Need to Know About Coaching

June 18, 2024

The Instructional Coaching Institute is a comprehensive foundational course that gives coaches and administrators, from start to finish, everything they need to know to become successful coaching partners. It is backed by more than 20 years of research conducted by Jim Knight and researchers at The Instructional Coaching Group.

The Intensive Instructional Coaching Institute

July 15, 2024

This practical course, offered in partnership with Growth Coaching International, explores three elements of effective coaching practice. Learn how to make a significant and immediate impact in a range of conversational contexts.

Introduction to Leadership Coaching

July 19, 2024

Learn the 6 beliefs and 10 habits to communicate clearly and emotionally connect, improving your relationships and school culture. See how changing your approach can lead to more engagement and better learning outcomes for your students.

Better Conversations

August 14, 2024

All teachers, schools, and classrooms face their own unique challenges. Based on 20 years of ICG research and The Impact Cycle (2017) by Jim Knight, this workshop provides a framework for any coaching scenario. Once understood, this versatile framework is easy to implement, shows immediate signs of success, and creates a virtuous cycle for educators and students. In this workshop, coaches will learn the importance of a partnership approach to coaching and how to leverage this powerful tool to develop and set goals that can align administrators and teachers on a single focus to grow student achievement.

The Impact Cycle

August 21, 2024

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