How is an instructional coach different from any other kind of coach? There are multiple approaches to coaching that can provide varying benefits, but they generally fall into two categories:

  • Facilitative coaching
    Works from the assumption that the teacher already knows what to do, but needs a sounding board to facilitate their existing knowledge into practice
  • Directive coaching
    Works from the assumption that the teacher does not know what to do, and the coach needs to direct the teacher’s actions

Instructional coaching uses a partnership approach to bridge the gap between these two categories and create a new category:

  • Dialogical coaching
    Teachers and coaches work together as partners

In this short video, Jim Knight clarifies what sets instructional coaching apart and makes it effective. He provides an overview of the Partnership Principles and core practices used by Instructional Coaching Group, such as the Impact Cycle, to illustrate how this distinctive approach is used to help teachers best serve students.