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Understanding Adult Learning; The Partnership Way

Understanding Adult Learning; The Partnership Way

Change agents who make an impact know what they believe and act in ways that are consistent with their beliefs. For this reason, people learning how to lead change need to think carefully about the principles that guide their actions. In this course, participants learn about the research-validated partnership principles of equality, choice, voice, dialogue, reflection, praxis, and reciprocity, and how they can use these principles to shape and form professional development for learning. Additionally, participants learn how adults change and learn as they often move through the stages of optimism, to pessimism, to success. Change leaders need to understand change, and they need to understand the beliefs that lead to transformation and learning. This course delivers that content through highly engaging explanations, reflections, discussions, and applications.

designed for
Coaches, Teachers, and Administrators
Both In-person and Virtual
credit hours

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