Steve Barkley is a long-time friend of the Teaching, Learning, Coaching Conference having presented with us on several occasions.  His book, Quality Teaching in a Culture of Coaching, was one of the first I read as I prepared to write Instructional Coaching, and my copy is covered in underlined passages and written comments.  I was also honored to be asked to write the Foreword for Steve’s Instructional Coaching with the End in Mind.  Steve’s books on questioning so influenced our research team that my research partner Dr. Martha Elford once told me her professional goal was “to be able to ask questions the way Steve Barkley asks questions.”

I’m thrilled that Steve will be presenting at this year’s TLC.  Steve is a major figure in the field of educational coaching, and I’m excited to learn more from him again this year.  I asked Steve to send me some of his top podcasts so that you could get better idea of all that he has to say to anyone interested in coaching.

Here are his top five gems you can find at

  • Everyone Deserves a Coach
  • Promoting Coachability
  • Coaching Teachers: The unaware, getting ready, started, developing and unwilling
  • Examining the Impact of Coaching
  • Evaluation or Coaching

You can hear a lot more about coaching, teaching, leadership and more from an amazing line-up of presenters at this year’s Teaching, Learning, Coaching conference. Some of the presenters, in addition to Steve, include: Joellen Killion, Chip Heath, Randy Sprick, Pedro Noguera, Linda Cliatt-Wayman, Elena Aguilar, Christian Van Nieuwerburgh, Peter DeWitt, Stephen Barkley, Kirstin Anderson, Nancy Love, Ray and Julie Smith, Lisa Lande, Jamie Almanzan, Kathy Perret, Ann Hoffman, Michelle Harris, Sharon Thomas, and Tricia Skyles.

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