The Instructional Coaching Group blog features articles and interviews of people who:


  • believe we should be ongoing learners
  • use technology to learn, teach, and lead
  • accept personal responsibility for their duties and actions
  • know that to teach without hope can be damaging, but to teach with hope can save the world
  • infuse people with their love of learning; most importantly, the children they teach

Blog Posts

Breakout Presenters of #TLC2022 (Round 2!)

The 2022 Teaching Learning Coaching Conference (TLC) is now only 8 weeks away. As the anticipation builds for our first ever HYBRID on-site/virtual event, we're rolling out the carpet for some of the most exciting Breakout Presenters TLC has ever had. Last week on the...

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Breakout Presenters of #TLC2022 (Round 1!)

 The 2022 Teaching Learning Coaching Conference (TLC) is fast approaching, and it’s shaping up to be one of our most anticipated events since we started the conference 17 years ago. Each week on the blog, we’ll introduce several of the extraordinary Breakout...

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[Free Resource] Listening – Video

Listening may just be the most important communication strategy coaches can use. It is essential for almost any meaningful communication. When we asked people from countries around the world to video record and watch their conversations, listening was the one strategy...

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[Free Resource] Reflection – Video

Without reflection, learning is impossible. When we reflect, we look back at something, assess how we did, and then think about how we can do better based on what we’ve learned. In this three minute video, Jim Knight discusses how we can use reflection to get better...

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Join us at the 2022 Teaching Learning Coaching Conference!

The moment is finally here: The Instructional Coaching Group is proud to announce this year's Teaching Learning Coaching Conference! Our first in-person (and virtual) TLC since 2019!     What is the Teaching Learning Coaching (TLC) Conference? Join educators...

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