To be an effective instructional coach, one requires skills, knowledge, and a deep understanding of a coaching cycle process. A good coach needs to know how to gather data, how to implement teaching strategies, and how to build relationships through conversation. To properly master these skills, a coach needs intensive support. Without support and training, coaches often feel frustrated about not making as big of an impact as they would like, and everyone in the process suffers as a result.


Poorly implemented coaching is a waste of valuable resources.



The reason behind the 20+ years of research and work that the Instructional Coaching Group is based on, is to give coaches the knowledge, skills training, and resources to help them make the biggest impact possible, and to push towards the goal of achieving excellent instruction, every day, in every classroom, for every student.

Providing instructional coaches AND administrators with everything they need to know—from start to finish—for a successful partnership, The Coaching Institute is the most comprehensive course ICG has ever offered. This course takes a deep look into all of the research-backed workshops and books written by Jim Knight, and delivers the information in a practical, useful, productive 4-month course. Each Monday, participants meet with Jim Knight, Ann Hoffman, Michelle Harris, and Sharon Thomas for an interactive and entertaining professional learning opportunity. Accommodating those in different time zones, and those with busy schedules, all sessions are recorded and available to view on-demand for up to 30 days.

Attendees will receive all of the same materials that were included in our on-site Intensive Instructional Coaching Institute (IICI): books, reflection guides, and additional digital resources. Additionally, The Coaching Institute has been modified and enhanced to best meet the needs of today’s educators and their ever-changing teaching environments. By offering The Institute over 4 months (16 weeks), participants have the opportunity to road-test strategies between sessions and bring questions back to the group. The content covered has also been expanded to include five new focus areas; a total of 48 professional development hours.

The Coaching Institute encompasses everything ICG has learned over the past two decades of research and is truly the most intensive PD designed specifically to create a foundation for success for both instructional coaches and administrators.


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