We Can’t Do Better Than Our Best
Written by Matt Kelly.

As people strive to improve, whether it’s improving their instruction as a teacher, working on their conversation beliefs and habits, or confronting toxic or dangerous words or behavior, our best efforts sometimes fail to accomplish our goals. This can be frustrating and discouraging and can possibly lead some to feel guilt or shame, or even abandon their goals entirely. Instead, focusing on the effort to improve, even when we don’t succeed, is always a meaningful step toward success, and the more of us who learn to forgive ourselves when we fall short of our expectations, the more we all move further toward significant and lasting change.

In this video, Jim Knight discusses how we must learn to accept when our best doesn’t reach our goals so we can move forward, learn, and improve for the future.



  1. Jenny Hynek

    Doing better works best when accompanied by large doses of grace. “We can’t do better than our best,” is especially timely in a year when teaching and learning is changing in ways we may not have ever imagined or been prepared for! Jim, thank you for reminding us that we are human and encouraging us to continue to grow as people and professionals.
    Jenny Hynek
    Coaching Institute 2/2020

  2. Jacqui

    Such wise commentary about being human in this video – short and to the point – very timely reminder.


    Wow! This was everything that I needed to listen to today. Thank you for offering words that perfectly capture what SO many of us need to hear right now.


    Good sharing!. Tq for reminding us and I hope we will adapt the way we teach or coach teachers in this hard time.


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