The space at the end of a coaching cycle is filled with decisions, reflection, and new pathways. Instructional coaches offer their learning partners choices about continuing their work together, exploring other areas for new learning, and even simply pausing the work and returning at some future date.

Instructional coaches also want to hear the voices of their colleagues and how they feel about their learning, the goal(s) of the cycle, and the impact on students.

And yet, there is still another little space worth exploring at the end of the cycle. A space for the instructional coach to gain some insights into their craft. We want to collect some data from our partners in order to reflect, learn, and create new goals for our own growth and development.

One way to do this is to invite our partners to share their thoughts about their learning, our way-of-being, and the impact our partnership has had on student learning by completing an end-of-cycle survey. By inviting the feedback of our learning partners, we can get a clear picture of our own reality and make some intentional decisions about a preferred future for ourselves.

Questions to Consider:

      • Who is it for?
      • What is the purpose?
      • What would you add?
      • What would you revise?
      • Digital or physical copy?
      • How will you create conditions to honor time? Will you cover the class?
      • How will you ensure that the survey is lean, yet powerful?

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      Have you received feedback that helped shape your intentional decisions? Have you received feedback that was unexpected, yet helped you grow as an instructional coach? Feel free to share in the comments below.