Instructional coaching is meaningful and important work in our schools. Our goal at ICG is to provide tools and resources to help you to defend yourself against chaos and whim and to find more time to support excellent instruction every day, in every class, for every student.

Today, we’re highlighting two of the most high-impact tools ICG offers to help new and returning coaches focus and thrive right away:

The Instructional Coaching Planner and the innagural Radical Learners course, Instructional Coaching: The First 90 Days.

We surveyed and studied several hundred coaches in our workshops and even assembled a team of instructional coaches to design, pilot, and revise the planner pages to match the needs of instructional coaches everywhere. The Instructional Coaching Planner is designed specifically for you–the instructional coach–to support your habits, growth, and development.

Our planner includes tools for productivity and time management, meaningful coaching cycles, goal-setting, and deep reflection.

Use the Instructional Coaching Planner to:

  • Develop a positive daily routine and mindset.
  • Capture thoughts and notes on coaching cycles.
  • Reflect on your habits, productivity, and projects.
  • Create goals for continued growth and progress.
  • Schedule and reflect daily, monthly, and annually.
  • Reference your favorite coaching questions, checklists, and tools.

Sample Pages

Goal-setting Pages  

Reflect on the most impactful actions, habits, and success criteria to organize your personal and coaching goals with intentionality.


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Monthly Pages 

Organize the month with a focus on goals, ideas, and to-do’s that support your work as an instructional coach. 

Weekly Pages 

Every week, instructional coaches can engage in intentional reflection, goal setting, and planning that will increase focus and well-being. 


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Daily Pages 

Staring the day with gratitude and key tasks and ending the day with meaningful reflection and planning will support the instructional coach’s intentions for cultivating more meaningful habits and routines. 

Coaching Cycle Pages 

Capture the most important notes, tasks, and next steps related to your coaching cycles all in one place. 

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Impact Cycle Tools 

Embedded Impact Cycle tools will support your reflection and your coaching cycles as well as providing clear insights for next steps. 

The Instructional Coaching Planner is available now.

The downloadable PDF consists of 568 pages and is a print-at-home file.


Radical Learners offers educators a new way to access powerful ideas from top practitioners and industry thought leaders. Beginning with inaugural courses led by Jim Knight (including Instructional Coaching: The First 90 Days), courses covering a wide range of powerful topics led by a variety of influential instructors are always in development, with new courses added throughout the year.

Each on-demand course consists of 20+ lessons that range from 5-7 minutes in length. These hyper-focused and bite-size videos allow viewers instant access to content that is applicable immediately. The best part is: courses are offered on an educator-friendly budget. Radical Learners is a library of expert-led resources that will be a must-have for all educators.


In this inaugural course, Jim Knight introduces the foundational principles, skills, and framework necessary for the first 90 days of instructional coaching, including The Partnership Principles, The Impact Cycle, and resources for coaching in action.

Watch the trailer and enroll today.