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In this week’s newsletter we take closer look at role clarity and defining instructional coaching evaluation with another article by ICG Senior Consultant Sharon Thomas and share a free resource for reflecting on the tasks and roles of an instructional coach. Be sure to check out the latest updates on our course offerings and content on the podcast.

Podcast: Coaching Conversations

Episode #6: Parker Palmer

Jim Knight and Parker Palmer, 2020 Don Deshler Award recipient, discuss the beauty of his writing and the humanity of his character, and remind us that it’s HEART at the center of teaching. Palmer has been a huge influence on Jim’s work and The Instructional Coaching Group.

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 From the Blog




Ending the “Business Casual” Approach to Evaluating Instructional Coaches

In this popular blog post, Senior Consultant Sharon Thomas unpacks the importance of role clarity for your instructional coaching program and reflection questions to facilitate these conversations within your system of support. This post serves as a great resource for you and your team as you set out to review accurate information about coaches and coaching programs.


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Asynchronous Learning: Radical Learners

Partnership Learning: Presentations that Make an Impact

The beliefs that guide any presenter and the way they organize and deliver presentations makes a big difference in how content is received.

In this asynchronous course, Jim Knight explains how to balance the inherent challenge of being in a position of power, as the presenter, and working as a partner with the audience to make presentations more accessible, more engaging, and lead to more learning. Learners will gain easy and powerful strategies to use when delivering workshops and presentations, as well as learn how the Partnership Principles play out differently when conducting a workshops versus giving a presentation. 


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Free Resource



Rubric for Instructional Coaches

The instructional coach demonstrates current, accomplished coaching practice around the seven success factors for effective coaching programs (Knight, 2021).

The rubric for instructional coaches found in Evaluating Instructional Coaching: People, Programs, and Partnership serves as a resource for coaches and teams to gain a clear understanding on how to evaluate coaching in relation to each of the seven success factors in order to support instructional coaches, teachers, and school leaders.

This free resource is great for your next leadership meeting or 1:1 meeting with your building leader.


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Upcoming Events: Virtual Workshops

The Instructional Coaching Institute

January 9, 2023


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An Introduction to Instructional Coaching: 7 Factors for Success

January 9, 2023


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Evaluating Instructional Coaching

December 7, 2022


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Better Conversations

January 31, 2023


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Download the Instructional Coaching Planner

This year-long planner will be helpful for all instructional coaches. Newer coaches will especially appreciate it as each section is designed to move you through each step of the impact cycle.

The planner is offered in two versions, depending on your planning needs:

1. Based on the calendar year, beginning in January and continuing through December 2023.

2. Based on the North American school year, beginning in July 2023 and continuing though June 2024.


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