Happy third week of January!

In this week’s newsletter, we take a look at the habits for effective listening & questioning and share a checklist for self-coaching. We also recognize how important it is for you to develop a sense of role clarity, and have included a video of Jim unpacking the core practices used by effective instructional coaches.

Take a look at our upcoming course offerings inlcuding the next [Virtual] Introduction to Instructional Coaching workshop, set to start March 6, 2023, and several events including Jim’s upcoming institute in South-East Asia.

Also, be sure to check out our TLC 2023 section to register and book your room in Orlando, Florida if you’re planning to attend our annual conference in person!

Featured Workshop

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An Introdution to Instructional Coaching [Virtual]

In this 8-week workshop, An Introduction to Instructional Coaching: The Seven Success Factors, Jim Knight and ICG colleagues give an interactive two-hour presentation on the topics listed below. Participants have opportunities to ask questions, discuss with other participants, and make plans for implementing beliefs, skills, processes, and knowledge they learn during the course.

Topics to Be Covered:

  • The Seven Success Factors of Instructional Coaching: Getting Started
  • Understanding Adult Learning: The Partnership Approach
  • Coaching Skills
  • Leading Yourself; Leading Others
  • The Impact Cycle
  • Gathering Data
  • Creating an Instructional Playbook
  • System Support

 Next Cohort: March 6, 2023 to April 24, 2023


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Free Resource

The Definitive Guide to Instructional Coaching

Habits for Questioning and Listening

One aspect of deep coaching cycles is partnering with our colleagues to communicate to our conversation partners that they have our full attention. To be effective in our role as an instructional coach, we need to build relationships and trust — and to do that, we need to ask great questions and listen effectively to our partners.

This free resource for effective questioning and listening can be used as a simple guide for self-coaching and cultivating new habits for every coach. Use the checklist to design new habits for questioning and listening or as a self-reflection tool as you watch a recording of a recent coaching conversation.


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TLC Conference

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#TLC2023 October 16-18 in Orlando, FL

We are thrilled to invite you and your colleagues to join us at The Teaching Learning Coaching Conference October 16-18 in Orlando, Florida! Registration for this hybrid event is open and we are happily seeing familiar names of educators whom we’ve met at previous conferences pop up in our inboxes.

If you are attending in-person, our room block is open and rooms can now be reserved. Use the link below to find out more information on lodging accommodations and register for our biggest TLC event to date.


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International Event

The Impact Cycle by Jim Knight

The Asian Intensive Instructional Coaching Institute 

Our first Institute in South-East Asia!

This unique learning opportunity helps coaches and administrators not only establish a proven foundation for success, but also develop a deeper and complete understanding of the coaching process and practices, cultivate the necessary communication skills for healthy conversations, deepen engagement in the classroom, and best utilize coaching tools and resources. Hosted by Chapters International, this event takes place February 13-17, 2023 in Bangkok, Thailand.

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How Is An Instructional Coach Different From Any Other Kind of Coach?

In this short video, Jim Knight clarifies what sets instructional coaching apart and makes it effective. He provides an overview of the Partnership Principles and core practices used by The Instructional Coaching Group, such as the Impact Cycle, to illustrate how this distinctive approach helps teachers best serve students.


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Upcoming Events: Virtual & In-Person Workshops

Better Conversations

January 31, 2023

April 20, 2023

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Evaluating Instructional Coaching

February 7, 2023

April 28, 2023

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The Impact Cycle

February 16-17, 2023

April 13-14, 2023

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An Introduction to Instructional Coaching: 7 Factors for Success

March 6, 2023

May 1, 2023

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The Intensive Instructional Coaching Institute [Kansas]

April 17-21, 2023

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The Instructional Coaching Institute

May 1, 2023

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