Happy December 15th!

We’re halfway through the month and quickly approaching the end of 2022! If you haven’t already done this today, take a moment to recognize yourself for all that you bring to your teams, schools, districts, and most importantly, your students. You’re making a positive difference every day and we thank you for it!

In this week’s newsletter, Elena Aguilar is on the Coaching Conversations Podcast sharing her ideas for coaching and cultivating emotional resilience in educators. We also share one of Jim’s posts and a tool for reflection from Better Conversations to help you avoid judgement and empower your partners. And, be sure to get your new 2023 Instructional Coaching Planner using the link at the bottom of the newsletter.

Podcast: Coaching Conversations

Episode #7: Elena Aguilar

In episode 7, Jim and bestselling author and founder of Bright Morning Consulting Elena Aguilar discuss the theme of Cultivating Emotional Resilience in Educators.

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 From the Blog


The One Thing That Can Most Damage a Coaching Relationship

In this post, Jim shares the one thing that can damage any coaching relationship and offers a simple shift to steer clear of judgement in our coaching relationships.

By positioning our coaching interactions to be affirming, validating and authentic we can better communicate a belief in others and empower our partners to pursue meaningful change.


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Asynchronous Learning: Radical Learners

Better Conversations

Effective communication strategies are essential for professional success. Coaches, leaders, and educators who make an impact communicate their message clearly, build healthy emotional connections with others, and maneuver through emotionally complex situations in ways that allow them to speak the truth in ways that will be heard.

This course, Better Conversations, offers instructional coaches, school and district leaders, teachers, and department leaders an intensive exploration of the six better conversation beliefs and the ten conversation habits that can help us all communicate more effectively for those we serve in our schools and in our classrooms.


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Free Resource

Photo of the covers of Jim Knight's book "Better Conversations" and the reflection guide companion book.

Looking at My Beliefs: A Reflection Tool for Not Judging

To understand how it might look and feel to honor or violate the belief that it is important to not judge conversation partners, we can examinine examples of top-down communication and partnership communication.

Use this simple tool to help gauge the alignment you currently possess between your beliefs and your behavior (authenticity). 

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Upcoming Events: Virtual Workshops

The Instructional Coaching Institute

January 9, 2023


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An Introduction to Instructional Coaching: 7 Factors for Success

January 9, 2023


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Better Conversations

January 31, 2023


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Evaluating Instructional Coaching

February 7, 2023


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The Impact Cycle

February 16-17, 2023


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