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As we near the end of 2023, we at ICG hope you had a successful 2022 and wish you continued joy in 2023!

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In this week’s newsletter, we look back at all of our featured guests on the podcast, share all of Jim’s 2022 articles in ASCD’s the Learning Zone series, take a closer look at 13 dialogue structures, and share the details for our latest Radical Learners Course, Video is Rocket Fuel for Learning. And be sure to check out the link for TLC 2023 at the bottom of this post!


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Free Resource

Unmistakeable impact by Jim Knight

13 Dialogue Structures

Whether you are planning your next presentation, workshop, or classroom experience, these 13 Dialogue Structures will support engagement and high levels of dialogue for the content learned.

If you are leading a workshop, using these structures can surface new ideas and questions. For those leading meetings, these structures are a great way to generate thinking and make connections. And if you’re leading in the classroom, these tools can amplify student voice.

Take a look at these dialogue structures from Unmistakable Impact and prepare your next learning experience with these protocols.

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Asynchronous Learning: Radical Learners

Artwork shows an 8mm video camera positioned so that the lens merges with the sun in an image of the Solar System.

Video is Rocket Fuel for Learning

Real learning doesn’t start until you start using video to watch yourself. We are convinced that if you make video a part of your own learning, coaching, or evaluation process it will dramatically improve the quality of professional development and as a result teachers will learn more and, consequently, students will learn more.

In this asynchronous course, Jim Knight explains different ways video can be used as rocket fuel for learning by coaches, by teachers to improve their own practice, by teams, or by principals as part of the teacher evaluation process.


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Podcast: Coaching Conversations

2022 Episodes

Zaretta Hammond | Episode 1

Christian van Nieuwerburgh | Episode 2

Michael Bungay Stanier | Episode 3

Natasha Robinson | Episode 4

Daniel Pink | Episode 5

Parker Palmer | Episode 6

Elena Aguilar | Episode 7

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2022 ASCD Learning Zone Articles


Upcoming Events: Virtual Workshops

The Instructional Coaching Institute

January 9, 2023


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An Introduction to Instructional Coaching: 7 Factors for Success

January 9, 2023


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Better Conversations

January 31, 2023


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Evaluating Instructional Coaching

February 7, 2023


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The Impact Cycle

February 16-17, 2023


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Annual Conference

Photo of the ICG staff standing in front of 5 foot tall TLC letters at our annual conference.

The Teaching Learning Coaching Conference

Mark your calendars on October 16-18, 2023 for TLC 2023! Join us in Orlando, FL or attend virtually from the comforts of home.

Start 2023 off the right way by taking care of your professional needs and registering for TLC.

Don’t miss out: tickets to attend TLC 2022 in-person sold-out three months in advance. Register today for 2023 and we will see you at TLC!

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