It’s been one week since this year’s Teaching Learning Coaching conference and we’re still actively collecting feedback from attendees. This was the conference’s first ever virtual conference and we’ve received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback and encouragement. If you were unable to participate in this year’s event, take a look at what our attendees had to say. We hope to see you next year!



While there’s no substitute for the energy and atmosphere created at a physical event where everyone interacts in person, one of our goals was to offer an experience that was more than just another online training. Despite being our first endeavor at hosting a virtual conference, TLC 2020 was our most successful with over 1,100 attendees!

“10/10 would recommend! I haven’t even dug into the breakout sessions yet and I already feel like I have an abundance of new resources and language to support my own thinking. I’ve been telling people, ‘My heart and my head have expanded.'”
—Instructional Coach who attended #TLC2020

“LOVED it! This is the best one I’ve been to and one of the best conferences I’ve ever attended.”
—Districtwide Teacher Leader, PD Leader who attended #TLC2020

“This was a fabulous experience. The best conference I have ever been to—in-person or virtual. The format of keynote, then panels provided a very rich experience. The speakers among the best I have ever heard.”
—Coach who attended #TLC2020

“The option to attend virtual opened a whole new opportunity for me. We are a small school division and rarely get to travel out of province or country for PD – so this gave me an option to attend and learn. Thank you!”
—Coordinator of Learning who attended #TLC2020

“I went into this conference grudgingly because I am the district testing coordinator and didn’t think it would pertain to me. I am part of the Teaching and Learning admin team so I was asked to attend with the coaches. I resigned myself to thinking ‘ok, I will glean what I can for my position and work with the CTCs.’ Once I heard the speakers, I was totally engaged! This conference was the best I have ever attended and is a must for all areas. So glad I had the honor of attending!”
—District Testing Coordinator who attended #TLC2020


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This year’s keynote line-up was packed with coaching all-stars. From Dr. Ibram X. Kendi‘s conversation that opened the conference, How to Be an Antiracist, to the closing keynote by Jim Knight, Better Leaders, the conference was stuffed wall-to-wall with educational, poignant, timely, and critical content.


“Michelle Harris was absolutely inspirational today in Leading others: Leaving a legacy. I will definitely try to acknowledge the actions of others. Building a collaborative and positive learning culture is very important.”
—Instructional Coach who attended #TLC2020

“More Michael Bungay Stanier please! His presentation offered many practical ways for me to self-reflect and improve my practice.”
—Teacher, Librarian who attended #TLC2020

“I was amazed by how much I enjoyed the panel sessions. I think they were the best organised panel sessions I have ever seen at conferences. Well done for the time taken to consider the topics and presenters, a wealth of knowledge shared that truly unites the coaching and learning passion.”
—Instructional Coach who attended #TLC2020

In addition to the keynotes and panel discussions, an incredible 30+ prerecorded breakout sessions were included in the conference. With on-demand viewing, educators can ‘attend’ ALL breakouts this year. The excitement and appreciation attendees have shown just confirms what Jim Knight always says: the coaches, educators, and leaders who present at TLC really do make this like the Woodstock of Instructional Coaching.


“Loved it. It still felt warm and personable. I like that I can view ALL of the breakouts on my own time this month.”
—Professional Learning Coordinator who attended #TLC2020

“It vastly exceeded my expectations of a virtual conference.  While I would rather be in person, the idea of having the breakouts recorded so we have access to all of them is great.”
—PK-6 Curriculum and Professional Development Leader who attended #TLC2020

“There were so many highlights and inspirational speakers and I look forward to taking the time to watch the breakout sessions to be continually inspired throughout the next 30 days.”
—Instructional Coach who attended #TLC2020

“I love that we have a month to view the breakout sessions – we are able to experience more than if we were at an in-person conference.”
—Elementary VicePrincipal and Instructional Coach who attended #TLC2020

As a team, we definitely felt some anxiety about hosting our first ever virtual conference, especially with participants tuning in from all around the world. But thanks to an engaged audience, an energy of positivity was felt not only the conference chat boxes, but on social media too. With the success of this virtual conference, we are excited to look into ways of expanding our future events to allow more of our friends from around the world to participate.


“This is my 4th TLC. It’s my B-12 shot to my professional practice.”
—Teacher Leader, Facilitator who attended #TLC2020


We are so grateful to everyone who made #TLC2020 such an overwhelming success and we are REALLY looking forward to seeing you all next year! If you don’t already receive our biweekly emails, click here to keep up to date on our developments for #TLC2021.