We are excited to announce this July marks the first in-person Intensive Instructional Coaching Institute since 2019!

Hosted by Jim Knight, this 5-day intensive PD offering provides a big-picture view of instructional coaching and covers five coaching areas presented in Jim Knight’s bestselling books. These findings are based on 20+years of research and supported by numerous research articles.


The Intensive Institute takes place in Lawrence, Kansas on July 18-22, 2022. It is an in-person event that was created not only to provide instructional coaches with the necessary tools and resources to be successful in their roles, but also to foster the opportunity for coaches to create meaningful relationships with their peers from around the country. An added bonus: all Institute attendees will have access to a private, monthly coaching community via Zoom, designed for coaches to use as a sounding board to ask questions and share ideas.

Topics Covered:

The Impact Cycle

  • Getting a Clear Picture of Reality: video, interviews, student work, observations
  • Introducing video to your school
  • Using the “Identify Questions”
  • PEERS Goals
  • Identifying teaching strategies
  • The power of checklists
  • 6 ways to model teaching strategies
  • The “Improve Questions”
  • Book References: Focus on Teaching and The Impact Cycle

Better Conversations

  • Partnership and Communication: The Better Conversation Beliefs
  • Demonstrate Empathy
  • Listen
  • Foster Dialogue
  • Ask Better Questions
  • Make Emotional Connections
  • Be a Witness to Good
  • Find Common Ground
  • Control Toxic Emotions
  • Redirect Toxic Conversations
  • Book Reference: Better Conversations

Coaching for Engagement

  • Behavioral Engagement
  • Cognitive Engagement
  • Emotional Engagement
  • Engagement Online
  • Thinking Prompts
  • Effective Questions
  • Cooperative Learning
  • Stories
  • Authentic Learning
  • Book Reference: High-Impact Instruction, The Impact Cycle; Data Guide

Coaching for Achievement

  • Identifying What Needs to be Assessed
  • Tests, Checks for Understanding
  • Traditional Rubrics and Single-Factor Rubrics
  • Guiding Questions
  • Formative Assessment
  • Learning Maps
  • Book Reference: High-Impact Instruction; The Impact Cycle; Gathering Data Participant Guide

Evaluating Instructional Coaching

  • A deeper understanding of how to develop and organize coaching roles and programs
  • Identify concerns regarding evaluating coaches and coaching programs in their districts
  • Examine best practices in coaching to clarify job descriptions, hiring practices, and evaluation processes
  • Book Reference: Evaluating Instructional Coaching

System Support

  • Role Clarity
  • Time
  • Confidentiality
  • Learning Architecture
  • Book Reference: What Administrators Need to Know Participant Guide

The Intensive Instructional Coaching Institute is ideal for:

  • New instructional coaches
  • Experienced instructional coaches


To learn more, visit our Intensive Instructional Coaching webpage >> 

Registration is open and we are currently accepting applicants. If this is something you and your colleagues are interested in attending, we strongly suggest you register as soon as possible, before the event reaches maximum capacity.

Hope to see you there!