Every coaching partnership and situation has its own unique needs and challenges. It can be overwhelming to know where to start, how to improve, or how to offer support. The good news is that ICG has developed an institute for coaches and administrators of any experience level to examine instructional coaching piece by piece.

The Instructional Coaching Institute (formerly the Intensive Instructional Coaching Institute) is a focused and intensive professional development opportunity based on 20+ years of research and facilitated by myself and ICG senior consultants Ann Hoffman, Michelle Harris, and Sharon Thomas. The Instructional Coaching Institute is absolutely critical for any instructional coach who needs guidance with their role, responsibilities, or resources.



A Comprehensive Infrastructure for ALL Coaches and Administrators

Our most comprehensive service, the Instructional Coaching Institute provides a big picture view of instructional coaching and covers five coaching areas presented in my bestselling books and research. Over 5,000 instructional coaches have successfully completed The Instructional Coaching Institute, representing every continent across the globe, except Antarctica.

Participants in this unique learning opportunity will:

  • establish a proven foundation for success
  • develop a deeper and complete understanding of the coaching process and practices
  • cultivate the necessary communication skills for healthy and productive conversations
  • deepen engagement in the classroom
  • best utilize coaching tools and resources

Hands-on content of this course includes applying the Partnership Principles, using video to measure current reality, following The Impact Cycle (1.03 effect size), and developing an Instructional Playbook.


“The Instructional Coaching Institute is a comprehensive foundational course that gives coaches and administrators, from start to finish, everything they need to know to become successful coaching partners.”


The Benefits of a Virtual Institute

By offering The Instructional Coaching Institute in a 16-week format, participants have the time and opportunity to road-test strategies between sessions and bring questions back to the group. Content has been expanded to include the following focus areas:

  • How to Use Data
  • The Instructional Playbook
  • Leading Yourself & Leading Others
  • System Support

The virtual Institute offers an increased number of professional development hours —an additional 18 hours—in comparison to our on-site offering. All sessions are recorded and available to view on-demand for 30 days, which supports educators attending from around the world.

Attendees of the virtual Instructional Coaching Institute are also eligible for 3 graduate credits through University of the Pacific.


Institute Agenda

Section 1: Introduction to Coaching

Section 2: The Partnership Principles

Section 3: The Impact Cycle: Identify

Section 4: The Impact Cycle: Learn & Improve

Section 5: Better Conversations Habits Part 1

Section 6: Better Conversations Habits Part 2

Section 7: Engagement Data

Section 8: Achievement Data

Section 9: The Instructional Playbook

Section 10: Classroom Management

Section 11: Engagement

Section 12: Achievement

Section 13: Leadership – Leading Ourselves

Section 14: Leadership – Leading Others

Section 15: System Support – Leading Ourselves

Section 16: Putting It All Together



Upcoming Cohorts:

May 18 – August 31 (Tuesdays)

August 23 – December 13 (Mondays)


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