Research informs everything we do at the Instructional Coaching Group (ICG). It has shaped the creation–and evolution–of our approach and framework, and our ongoing research projects provide vital data and insights into the efficacy of the coaching model, tools, and principles we apply in our work with instructional coaches and other leaders in education. Now, the next step in our research journey has begun.

We are thrilled to announce that ICG has partnered with the American Institutes for Research to conduct a new research project called Coaching with Impact (CWI), a three-year program providing the Jim Knight coaching model to eligible schools across the country. CWI is being provided at no cost for Title I middle schools as part of a national project funded by a grant from the U.S. Department of Education. The purpose of this project is to measure the impact of instructional coaching on writing achievement – specifically in regards to the Partnership Principles, The Impact Cycle, and The Instructional Playbook. 

Recruitment has begun for 3 years of implementation, beginning with training in July 2022. We are excited to invite middle school coaches to apply for participation in this phase of the project. 

Please find some key information below, and find out more on the Coaching with Impact website:

Participation includes: 

  • a summer institute for coaches 
  • biweekly 1:1 coaching sessions with our consultants 
  • monthly group coaching sessions

Eligibility Requirements:

  • districts with at least two Title I middle schools in grades 6-8
  • districts with at least two ELA teachers per grade in grades 6-8
  • districts with instructional coaches for ELA teachers at eligible schools

To apply for participation in the CWI project, please visit the Coaching with Impact website.

Please send any inquiries to: [email protected]