radical learners


This blog by Jim Knight explores the concept of radical learners who:

  • believe we are here on earth to learn
  • use technology to learn, teach, or lead (and because it’s cool)
  • know that to teach without hope is to damage, but to teach with hope can save the world
  • don’t blame others but accept personal responsibility for whatever task they take on
  • infect everybody with their love of learning; most important, the children they teach


Success Factor 6: Leadership

In time, it could have been so much more But time is precious I know In time, it could have been so much more But time has nothing to show. --”Time (Clock of the Heart),” by Culture Club The issue of “leadership” is tricky in a coaching model like ours that emphasizes...

The Zero-Learning Zone

Recently, Jim wrote an article for ACSD called Escape From the Zero-Learning Zone. This article discusses why educators frequently turn away from opportunities to learn, and what we can do about it. Jim identifies the zero-learning zone as a place we go to when we...

Success Factor 5: Understanding Adults and Change

Dialogue is one of those frustrating multiple-meaning words. In the playwriting and novel-writing world, “dialogue” is a noun referring to the words that characters speak themselves in conversation with other characters. In the business world (and much to my...

Video Interviews With Swivl

“For people to really make significant change, they have to care about the goal. people aren’t going to do something unless they care about it.” Recently, Jim Knight was interviewed by our friend at Swivl, Vlad Tetelbaum. During these interviews Jim discusses setting...

Success Factor 4: Communication

Communication is the heart of coaching. Jim Knight’s investigation into how adults respond best to change and support resulted in the Partnership Principles, and those principles are the cornerstone of our work with instructional coaches, teachers, and administrators....

An Instructional Coaching Overview

Recently Jim was invited to send a video to the Teacher Development Trust’s Conference on Coaching in Education, which was offered in the United Kingdom. The short video he created offers a quick overview of what instructional coaching is and how it is similar and...