TLC 2018

Dr. Julie R. Smith

Dr. Julie R. Smith is a thirty-four year veteran educator, international speaker-consultant and author. She currently serves as an Author Consultant with Corwin Press. Her passion, area of focus, and expertise is in building leadership capacity within people and systems; school improvement planning, teacher, principal and district evaluation models. Julie has taught at the University level in principal preparation programs in both Colorado and Florida and served as Executive Director of Elementary Schools in Cherry Creek School District in Colorado. She is a Visible LearningPlus Consultant with Corwin trained to deliver Professor John Hattieā€™s research in Visible Learning throughout North America and Canada. Julie continues to pursue her focus and passion in leadership development by coauthoring a book on principal evaluation entitled The Reflective Leader: Implementing a Multidimensional Leadership Performance System (2012), and her second book entitled School Leadership Evaluation was published through Corwin in 2015.