One of the presenters at this year’s Teaching Learning and Coaching Conference, Peter DeWitt, shared some great news last week—he’s bringing back his blog Finding Common Ground, which we consider one of the best blogs out there.  In this post, we’ve included five of Peter’s best blogs about coaching along with Jim’s interview of Peter.  You can learn more with Peter and many, many more coaching experts at this year’s TLC!

1. DeWitt, Peter (2014). 5 Reasons Schools Need Instructional Coaches. Finding Common Ground. Education Week. November 6th, 2014.

2. DeWitt, Peter (2015) 3 Reasons Instructional Coaches Are Used As Compliance Officers. Finding Common Ground. Education Week.

3. DeWitt, Peter (2016). Why Don’t Educators Want to be Coached? Finding Common Ground.

4. DeWitt, Peter (2016). If Coaching is So Powerful Why Aren’t More Principals Being Coached?’t_principals_being_coached.html

5. DeWitt, Peter (2016). 5 Reasons Principals Should Be Coached

Here are some of this year’s presenters:

Joellen Killion, Chip Heath, Randy Sprick, Pedro Noguera, Elena Aguilar, Peter DeWitt, Stephen Barkley, Kirstin Anderson, Nancy Love, Ray and Julie Smith, Lisa Lande, Jamie Almanzan, Kathy Perret, Ann Hoffman, Michelle Harris, and Sharon Thomas are just some of the presenters at this year’s Teaching, Learning, Coaching Conference.  You can learn more about the conference here: