Your Instructional Coaching Resources for April 27, 2023

Written by
Brian Sepe

Your Instructional Coaching Resources for April 27, 2023

Written by
Brian Sepe

Welcome to our weekly newsletter! This edition is a special one as we highlight this year's Teaching Learning Conference - TLC 2023 - A Year in the Life of a Coach.

As you close out the month of April we recognize how busy you are and how valuable your time is, so we'd like to thank you for taking some minutes out of your day to catch up with us, learn with us, and take care of yourself so you can continue to have a positive impact on your colleagues and the students you work with.

When we think about A Year in the Life of a Coach, we can imagine that one thing you wish you had more of was time. Many coaches feel like they are trying to do the impossible, and faced with such a challenge, they try to multitask, cut corners, try harder, and work longer. Unfortunately, with these approaches, a lot of coaches end up feeling that they don't have time to do anything well. In today's blog post, Jim talks about the two dimensions of effective time management: internal and external. The internal dimension of time management refers to factors coaches can control. Jim describes the five levels to this dimension that will help you manage your time and, as a result, increase your positive impact.

In today’s newsletter, we also feature our latest Coaching Conversations podcast episode - we're back with a Q&A session with Jim. You'll hear Jim's thoughts on change from the inside out, how administrators can support this type of change, and how to craft our messaging and enroll colleagues in this sort of professional development. If you haven't scrolled through our podcast library recently, make sure you browse through our previous episodes where we feature some of our TLC 2023 Keynote & Breakout presenters. Already listened to those episodes? Stay tuned! This year we will continue to spotlight our TLC presenters to give you a glimpse into what we have in store for you at TLC 2023.

We are happy to announce the release of our TLC 2023 Agenda! We provide a sneak peek at some of the topics that will be shared at this year's conference as well as details about each day's schedule so you can plan your trip!

In continuing with our theme of A Year in the Life of a Coach, our 'free resource' section provides you with a helpful tool for Big Picture Goal-Setting - the first level to the internal dimension of time management. With this tool, our hope is that you look back and plan ahead for your personal goals, actionable steps to get there, and habits that will move you closer to your goals

If you're looking for ways to continue your learning and expand your leadership skills throughout the summer months, we would love to see you at our Introduction to Leadership Coaching (in partnership with GCI) virtual workshop. Join us as we explore three elements of effective coaching practice and an introduction to the concept of a coaching approach as a leadership stance and apply this to the context of feedback conversations. This is a great opportunity to quickly develop the awareness, skills, and confidence to have coaching conversations!

Most importantly, always remember that we welcome your coaching stories and input, so be sure to share with us. Take care!


TLC 2023


TLC 2023 - A Year in the Life of a Coach - is less than six months away and we are excited to share this year's agenda with you. From the incredible Keynote and Breakout Presenters, to the invigorating topics they will share, this year's Teaching Learning Conference will inspire you and provide you opportunities for growth and tools that will transform your coaching and the impact you have on teachers and students. You certainly won't want to miss what we have in store for you!

This year's TLC features presentations about:

  • coaching identity
  • how to create a vision for coaching in your district
  • belonging
  • coaching from a distance
  • connecting academics and behavior
  • intentionality
  • frameworks to support teachers through instructional coaching
  • cultivating critical thinking skills
  • empathy and collaborative leadership
  • tips for coaching challenges
  • cultivating conditions for thriving
  • multilingual learners
  • student-focused coaching approach
  • amplifying student voice
  • empowering teacher voice
  • coaching in the early childhood environment
  • living authentically as a coach
  • and much more!

Join us either virtually or in-person in Orlando on October 16-18, 2023 to learn from our 6 Keynote Presenters and over 30 Breakout Presenters.

Whether it will be your first time joining us or you're planning on experiencing TLC again, we know it is always helpful and exciting to know what the conference days will look like. Today, our team is happy to announce the TLC 2023 Agenda.

Click here to learn more about TLC 2023 »

Blog Post

Adaptive Time Management

Many coaches feel like they are trying to do the impossible, and faced with that challenge, they try to multitask, cut corners, try harder and work longer. Given the available time, however limited, it is particularly important to manage it well.

In this post, Jim challenges us to think about the internal dimensions of time management – the factors that are in our control – and how we can set intentions, make plans, organize our calendar, and reflect and learn in ways that support our growth and amplify our impact.

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Free Resource

Big Picture Goal-Setting

As the school year winds down, it can be a great time to reflect on all that went well, areas for growth, and ways we hope to show up next year. Understanding the demands on our time is a critical element in defending against chaos and setting clear intentions with actionable steps and habits to sustain your continued growth.

This week's free resource, Big Picture Goal-Setting, is a timely tool to use as you look back and plan ahead for your personal goals, actionable steps to get there, and habits that will move you closer to your goals.

Download the Setting Personal Goals tool here »

Partner Event

Introduction to Leadership Coaching Workshop

Being a leader is a challenging role, and to be a leader that makes an impact, it is necessary to align relationship building as well as strategy, visioning and management processes to get people where they need to be.

Introduction to Leadership Coaching provides leaders with the confidence and skills to lead more effective learning conversations. This workshop explores techniques for offering feedback that support growth and performance, a contemporary way of leading and influencing, and more effective strategies for goal setting and attainment.  

The Instructional Coaching Group has been fortunate to partner with Growth Coaching International. We have offered Introduction to Leadership Coaching as a workshop you can bring to your district, and coming this July we are excited to announce that we are offering this workshop to you - virtually. As you plan your summer professional development and set goals for next school year, we hope you consider joining us and making this workshop a part of your learning.

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Teaching Learning Coaching Conference

Keynote speakers

In case you missed it, we are thrilled to announce our keynote speaker lineup for #TLC2023 in Orlando, Florida! This exceptional group of experts spanning multiple fields will all be speaking live at this year’s conference. To learn more about our keynote speakers and how you can register to attend TLC 2023—either in person or virtually—click the link below.

October 17
Sarah Lewis
Michael Bungay Stanier
Jim Knight

October 18
Zaretta Hammond
Amanda Ripley
Christian van Nieuwerburgh

Learn more about TLC 2023 »

Partner with ICG

We know it is your mission to create a meaningful learning culture on your campus. When it comes to sustainable learning environments and thriving schools and districts, we have several opportunities for you and your team to partner with us to create the conditions for turning professional learning into professional practice.

So, as you begin to plan your next steps for professional learning, take a look at ICG's brochure of services and schedule a free call today. We look forward to hearing from you!

Upcoming Workshops

Register for any one of our workshops and enjoy receiving evidence-based and actionable advice from experts in education to create real change in the classroom. Leave every session equipped with the right tools for implementing effective practices to cultivate academic achievement and engagement for all students.

Interested in custom or private workshops for your school or district? Request a workshop here »

The quality of the conversations in an organization can critically influence the organization’s effectiveness. This session explores how a coaching orientation, together with a strong coaching process and key coaching skills, can make a significant and immediate difference in the conversations in which school leaders engage every day.

Introduction to Leadership Coaching

July 10, 2023

The impact coaches have is directly related to how effectively they are supported (or not supported) by their administrators. For that reason, it is crucial that administrators participate in professional development that clarifies what coaches do and how they can be supported. This workshop provides a deep understanding of how administrators and instructional coaches can collaborate to ensure that coaches have an unmistakably positive impact on teachers’ teaching and students’ learning.

What Administrators Need to Know About Coaching

July 13, 2023

Effective coaches, leaders, and educators communicate their message clearly, build healthy emotional connections with others, and maneuver through emotionally complex situations in ways that allow them to speak the truth so they will be heard. This workshop introduces 6 beliefs and 10 habits that promote healthy and productive relationships.

Better Conversations

July 18, 2023

The Instructional Coaching Institute is a comprehensive foundational course that gives coaches and administrators, from start to finish, everything they need to know to become successful coaching partners. It is backed by more than 20 years of research conducted by Jim Knight and researchers at The Instructional Coaching Group.

The Virtual Instructional Coaching Institute

August 21, 2023

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