Some of our favorite parts of the work we do at the Instructional Coaching Group (ICG) are the lasting relationships and partnerships we are able to cultivate with educators. Whether we meet in a workshop, a conference session, an intensive institute, or in the actual classroom, these connections are what open the door for a truly positive impact on students’ lives and learning. We consider ourselves lucky to have the opportunity to learn from these partnerships and to see them grow into exciting, new possibilities.

With this in mind, we are absolutely thrilled to announce that one of our longtime partners, Keysha McIntyre, is joining our team as the newest ICG Consultant!


Keysha McIntyre is a Consultant with Instructional Coaching Group

Get to Know Her: Keysha McIntyre


How did you first learn about ICG?

In 2016, I attended an Intensive Instructional Coaching Institute in Lawrence, KS.

What was your most recent role before joining ICG?

After being a coach and coach of coaches for the last 13 years, I relocated to get closer to my mom. I taught 5th grade this last school year. I started my teaching career at Scott Elementary and I find it fitting that I am completing my last year where I started. This has been a valuable year because I have been able to experience the creativity of teachers and leaders to get students back engaged in learning. It also reinforced my belief that everybody needs a coach.

What are you most looking forward to as an ICG Consultant?

I’m looking forward to learning from the ICG team and being able to coach and collaborate with instructional teams across the country to ensure that all children experience excellent instruction every moment of each day.

What else would you like our readers to know about you?

I believe everyone can benefit from a coach, and it is crucial that we create a culture where coaching is celebrated. I became a better athlete, teacher, leader, and person because of various coaches.

Please join us in welcoming Keysha to ICG!


Keysha McIntyre, ICG Consultant, is an educational consultant, instructional coach, writer, and founder of MoldingMinds Moments. She has a Masters in Technology in Education and a Specialist in Curriculum, Instruction, Management and Administration. She taught elementary before serving as a math coach at various schools, Math Lead Specialist, and District Coach of Coaches.

She has modeled in K-8 classrooms and provided professional development for thousands of teachers, coaches, and instructional leaders. She has presented at national conferences on math instructional practices and instructional coaching. During the beginning of the pandemic, Keysha co- authored Making Moments Matter: In A Virtual Learning Experience.

She recently relocated to the sunny state of Florida. She has one son, who is an educator also. Keysha loves spending time with her family, ministry, sports, cooking, and shopping, of course.