Jim Thompson

Virtual Presenter

Jim Thompson—Grandpa to James Joseph !  and….

’93 NYS Elementary Principal of the Year and ’94 NAESP National Distinguished Principal of NYS. 30 plus years in school administration, rich experience in the classroom as a Jr-Sr HS Social Studies Teacher, middle school social studies and reading teacher, and self-contained elementary teacher. 15 years teaching at the college level—teaching future teachers and administrators…consultant to a foundation helping to build PLCs across the nation…Detroit, Alabama, Virginia, Illinois , Kansas, Indiana and NYS.  Many national, state, and regional presentations including presenting to all new California administrators at UCLA. And along with Dr. Casey Kosiorek and Dr. Trista Hollweck-University of Ottawa—one of three of the North American CollectivED Fellows.

For over a decade, engaged with hundreds of educators  to impact student learning with video reflection and partnership coaching.

Jim’s work is published in the Journal of School Administrators’ Association of New York on topics including supervision of instruction and the importance of mentoring for school administrators. He has also been published by the Association of California School Administrators on the topic of instructional leadership. Most recently, Jim had a journal article published in CollectivEd Working Papers, a publication by the Carnegie School of Education, and is coauthor of A Quick Guide to Video Coaching: The best practice to improve the art and craft of teaching through guided reflection.