Intensive Workshop Resources

Here you’ll find workbooks and resources that will deepen your workshop experience of Instructional Coaching: An Introduction.

week 1 resources

Introduction to Instructional Coaching


Download: Week 1 Workbook  


Watch: Week 1 Video  


Three Steps to Great Coaching 

Escape from the Zero Learning Zone 

Three Approaches to Coaching 

Questions for Week One

1. After reviewing the article, “The Zero Learning Zone,” what do you need to do so that you can be certain to learn as much as possible from this course?

2. After reviewing the article, “3 Steps to Great Coaching,” what questions do you have about the Impact Cycle?

3. After reviewing Jim’s video and reading “Three Approaches to Coaching,” do you believe you will be expected to conduct facilitative, dialogical, directive or some other approach to coaching?  What are your thoughts about those expectations?

week 2 resources

Helping and Partnership


Download: Week 2 Workbook  


Watch: The Partnership Princples  


Progress Through Partnership  

What Good  

Why Teacher Autonomy is Central to Coaching Success  

Questions for Week Two

1. Which principles do you agree with?  Which principles do you disagree with?  What principles will you add?

2. What can you do to get better at working from the partnership principles?

3. What can you do to promote a school wide or district wide commitment to the principles?

week 3 resources

getting ready to coach


Download: Week 3 Workbook  

Articles & Videos

Enrolling Teachers for Instructional Coaching  

Using Presentations to Enroll Teachers 

Role Clarity and Time Management 

The Impact Cycle 

Getting Psychologically Prepared to Coach 



Adaptive Time Management workbook  

Questions for Week Three

1. What will you do to enroll teachers? When will you do it?

2. What is your policy for confidentiality?

3. Will you discuss your role with you principal?  When will you do it?


week 4 resources

Getting a clear picture of reality


Download: Week 4 Workbook  

Videos on The Impact Cycle

The Impact Cycle  


Questions for Instructional Coaches  

The Impact Cycle Checklist  

The PEERS Goals  

Questions for Week Four

1. Jot down notes about anything that is unclear about the Identify stage of the Impact Cycle. What is unclear?

2. How is the Impact Cycle similar or different from the way you will be expected to coach?  

3. What questions do you have about how to implement the impact cycle?

week 5 resources

Learn & Improve


Download: Week 5 Workbook  

Atul Gawande

“The Checklist,” from The New Yorker, December 3, 2007

“Personal Best,” from The New Yorker, September 26, 2011

TED Talk, “Want to get great at something?  Get a coach.”


The Impact Cycle Checklist 

Dialogical Explanations 

Everything You’ve Heard About Checklists is Wrong

Resources from The Impact Cycle

Week 5 Questions

1. If you have time for only one thing next week, please review the Impact Cycle Checklist.  Jot down any questions you might have about The Impact Cycle. Please bring your questions to our session.

2. Now that you have seen the entire Impact Cycle, please revisit last week’s questions. How is The Impact Cycle similar or different from the way you will be expected to coach?  What questions do you have about how to implement the impact cycle? Please bring your questions to our session.

week 6 resources

Gathering Data


Download: Week 6 Workbook  

Forms & Resources

Download: Forms for Gathering Data  

Download: Additional Data Forms  


Students on the Margins, written by Jim Knight  

Week 6 Questions

1. Do you think it is important to gather engagement data? Why?  Why not?

2. What kinds of data do you think you will end up gathering next year?

week 7 resources

Creating An Instructional Playbook


Download: Week 7 Workbook  


Model Instructional Playbook →


The Instructional Playbook 

“Everything you’ve heard about checklists is wrong” 

Books and Resources

High-Impact Instruction →

High-Impact Teaching Strategies, Victoria State Department of Education →

Ten Mindframes for Visible Learning (Hattie & Zierer, 2018) →

The Skillful Teacher (Saphier, Haley-Speca, et al, 2018) →

The New Art and Science of Teaching (Marzano, 2017) →

Week 7 Tasks

1. Create a draft Table of Contents for strategies you will use as an instructional coach.

2. Create a draft checklist for one of the strategies on your table of contents.

week 8 resources

Better Conversations


Download: Week 8 Workbook  


Free Webinar: Video and Learning with Ann Hoffman  

Better Conversations Videos  


Books by Jim Knight  

Great Questions for Instructional Coaches  

Christian van Nieuwerburgh’s Introduction to Coaching Skills