We’re often asked “Which workshop is the most important?” This is a tricky question to answer because the issues that stand out usually tend to vary from school to school, and district to district. However, hearing this need for districts to get to the “most important” PD for instructional coaches was key for ICG because it became the driving force to create The Instructional Coaching Institute.

The Instructional Coaching Institute, a 16-week intensive course, is our most comprehensive professional development service. It provides a big picture view of instructional coaching and includes an exhaustive learning opportunity covering five coaching areas from Jim Knight’s bestselling books and 20+ years of research. 

We feel so strongly that The Instructional Coaching Institute will establish a proven foundation for success, deepen understandings of coaching processes, cultivate healthier conversations, and deepen engagement in the classroom, that we’re encouraging coaches to take advantage of a very special offer:

  1. Register for our 8-week workshop, Instructional Coaching: An Introduction to lay the foundation of instructional coaching (regular price $995)
  2. Once the 8-week workshop is completed, build upon existing knowledge by applying a discount of $995 towards registration* for the 16-week Instructional Coaching Institute (regular price $1,995)
  3. Register for the Institute and email [email protected]

This comes to a total of 24 weeks of professional development for the cost of the 16-week Institute. —Or getting our two biggest workshops for the price of one.



Instructional Coaching: An Introduction

Based on more than twenty years of research conducted by Jim Knight and researchers at The Instructional Coaching Group, this course is intended to give new coaches the essential knowledge they need to understand their role and get started. 

This course will be presented by Jim Knight, and will be supplemented by small group sessions led by senior consultants. The 8-week course is specifically designed for new instructional coaches and addresses: role clarity, using strategies and goals, how to enroll teachers in coaching, how to best work with principals and administration. It will also cover several content areas from the Better Conversations and The Impact Cycle workshops.

All sessions are recorded and available on-demand for 30 days.

Topics include:

  • How to enroll teachers in coaching
  • How to partner effectively with your principal
  • Discuss your role with your principal
  • Determining what should and should not be shared with administrators
  • Understanding your role and how to describe it
  • Understanding and successfully addressing teacher resistance through the partnership principles
  • Planning your coaching day
  • Documenting what you do
  • Helping teachers use video and other methods to get a clear picture of reality
  • Identifying the highest-impact teaching strategies teachers can use to hit goals
  • How to set goals with teachers
  • What a typical goal might look like
  • How to explain teaching strategies
  • How to ensure teachers see what strategies look like in action
  • How to gather data and what data to gather


Our next Introduction begins Oct. 11th and we’re looking forward to meeting another group of awesome new coaches.

If you’re planning to register for the 8-week Introduction workshop, or even if you’ve previously taken it, we encourage you to take advantage of this tremendous offer and register for the 16-week Institute. Hope to see you there!


Learn more about Instructional Coaching: An Introduction and register teams now >>

Learn more about The Instructional Coaching Institute and register teams now >>



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*The same person must attend both PD services, this offer is not transferable