If someone said, “I want to make a difference with something I do in my life,” it would be hard to think of something more powerful than teaching. Teachers persevere through countless challenges, often with little acknowledgment or praise. And if there ever was a time to appreciate teachers, it’s now.

The past year and a half has been especially arduous for teachers as they reconfigured their lives to work from home, developed lessons specifically for virtual classrooms they had never experienced, worked to stay connected with students with limited internet access, and came up with new and unique methods of supporting each of their students, who all needed their support more than ever before. They took what seemed impossible – rapidly and radically changing how they do their jobs – and not only accomplished it but were able to help their students through the challenges of the pandemic as well.

Teachers help students open doors by showing them how to be learners – one of the most essential aspects in a person’s life. When Jim Knight mentions that “the impact of teaching” is “measured in lifetimes,” highlighting the generative quality of teaching. A single teacher has the power to equip a student with the will to learn for the rest of their lives and put them of the course for success. To do this for one student is a real challenge, but connecting with an entire classroom of students is truly remarkable. 


Teachers will often be the first ones to criticize themselves, but this year, let’s all try to acknowledge that just getting through it is a huge accomplishment. It’s been a wild ride, but thanks to our teachers, our future is an open book because students can rely on them.


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