Teaching and coaching are challenging feats right now. Many schools have had to adjust to a fully-remote model, some are juggling a combination of in-person and virtual blended instruction, and others just beginning to have students return to a learning environment that’s completely different from what they’re used to. Because of all of these moving parts, we wanted to make sure you’re aware of the free videos made available to all educators on the ICG website. Our hope is that these videos serve as useful learning tools for your practice.



If you want to start from the beginning, this 7-minute video focuses on what instructional coaching is and how it works. It explains the principles behind the work and the process behind what we do when we’re instructional coaching.



Courtesy of our senior consultants, we have several free, on-demand webinars that provide more in-depth content based on key ideas The Instructional Coaching Group has shared. One webinar in particular that will help coaches complete a successful instructional coaching cycle with teachers is the 46-minute long The Impact Cycle, led by Michelle Harris.


Another webinar that is a valuable resource for coaches is the 60-minute The Instructional Playbook, led by Ann Hoffman. Ann shares what the Instructional Playbook is, how it benefits coaches, teachers, and students, and give ideas on how to create a playbook for your school or district.


The 60-minute Better Conversations webinar, also led by Ann Hoffman, looks at the six beliefs and ten habits that are behind better conversations. The Better Conversations book itself was created with the deeply held belief that:

“Effective communication is an essential skill for a fulfilled life, and we can’t teach it to students if we don’t know how to do it ourselves.”
—Jim Knight


Jim Knight has several short videos focused on key principles of instructional coaching. One of these videos features the idea of empathy. In this short 3-minute video, Jim Knight discusses empathy towards ourselves, affective empathy, and cognitive empathy. The video describes the importance of understanding others through empathy, by defining what empathy is, and how it can be demonstrated.


In addition to the videos mentioned above, we have lots more to share, including our Coaching Conversations. If you haven’t been tuning into these live conversations on our Facebook page, you can still watch the recorded versions. These have truly been awesome opportunities to learn from coaching and education experts and have received a lot of positive feedback. Set aside some time to watch these discussions and more free resources by visiting our Video webpage.

Is there a video that resonated with you? We’d love to hear about it in the comments below!