The past year ignited peak levels of stress and anxiety, and many of us are still struggling to find solid ground as things seem to change constantly. It’s easy for anyone – coaches, teachers, or administrators – to feel especially vulnerable right now. The good news is that we can share that vulnerability to create an environment of psychological safety.

Feeling safe reduces anxiety and encourages realistic optimism. For instructional coaches partnering with teachers right now, it’s especially important to focus on empathy, recognizing and naming the good we witness, and encouragement to feel emotions.

We’re all just doing our best, and listening without judgment can be one of the greatest gifts we can give. There’s no one, correct way to navigate the unpredictable setting we’re working in, but with a safe and supportive partner, it’s easier to focus on the real reason we’re all here: the students.



The Coaching in Times of Chaos Workshop

In our upcoming workshop, Coaching in Times of Chaos, we’ll explore some of the new issues that coaches are facing in times of uncertainty. The session also revisits the necessity of slowing down, paying attention to emotional learning, listening with empathy, and continuing to do what coaches do best: partner with teachers so students and systems improve.

Workshop Outlining Questions

  • How do we coach when times are so uncertain and chaotic?
  • How do I first lead myself?
  • How do I walk on solid ground?
  • How can I stay humble?
  • How do I practice self-compassion?
  • How do I coach with my heart, my head, and my hands?
  • How can I be a bridge?
  • How do I lead others?
  • How do I build and maintain trust?
  • How can I continually be a witness to the good?
  • How can I listen without judgment?
  • How can I be sure I’m modeling and tending to adults’ social /emotional needs?
  • How do I stay grounded in reality?
  • How can I stay optimistic?
  • How do I meet people where they are?
  • How can I practice benevolence?



Participants will gain:

  • Understanding of the need to be solid in their beliefs and actions
  • Tools and tactics for compassionate empathy-based coaching
  • A plan for implementing these tools and tactics
  • Understanding of the ongoing need for empathy, understanding, and compassion especially during times of stress
  • Practice balancing realism with optimism
  • Time for reflection on their beliefs and actions


This 3-hour workshop takes place on Wednesday, March 3rd and Thursday, March 11th. Register teams now for Coaching in Times of Chaos.



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