The Instructional Coaching Group blog features articles and interviews of people who:


  • believe we should be ongoing learners
  • use technology to learn, teach, and lead
  • accept personal responsibility for their duties and actions
  • know that to teach without hope can be damaging, but to teach with hope can save the world
  • infuse people with their love of learning; most importantly, the children they teach

Blog Posts

Join us at the 2021 Teaching Learning Coaching Conference

The moment is finally here: The Instructional Coaching Group is proud to announce this year's Teaching Learning Coaching Conference!   Last year, TLC became a virtual event for the first time ever, and the experience opened up brand-new opportunities which were...

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Create Good Habits

Coaches are better able to lead themselves, and consequently lead others, if they are motivated by a purpose bigger than themselves, make good decisions, and focus their time on the most important tasks. Unfortunately, as most people know, turning ideas into action is...

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How I Write: FAQs

It seems like Jim Knight is always writing a new book, research article, or even just notes in the books on his shelves. Today, we'll use some commonly asked questions to break down Jim's writing process and to glean some tips for fellow writers. When you think of...

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The Instructional Coaching Planner

We’ve been developing the practice of instructional coaching for over 20 years, and we know the twists and turns that coaches’ schedules can take. So, we built a tool to help, specifically with the needs of an instructional coach in mind. Composed of sections for...

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